Impacting PAC Policy

       The Center serves as a think-tank for policymakers and other stakeholders to access leading researchers and policy experts on key policy issues. The Center provides evidence-based resources to assist stakeholders in reaching the Triple Aim of “improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction), improving the health of populations, and reducing the per capita cost of health care” (Institute for Healthcare Improvement). Our diverse faculty provides expertise across the continuum of services included in a PAC episode of care. Experts from acute care, chronic care, geriatric medicine, rehabilitation medicine, community-based services, case management, case-mix measurement, functional outcome measurement, quality of care, network development, electronic data transfers, and related areas provide tools, discussion forums, and resources for objective consideration of policy options and opportunities for reaching the Triple Aim.

       The Center’s Resource center provides the latest information on ours and others’ research, tools, and useful policy materials. Our work focuses on PAC payment systems, quality metrics, population statistics, standardized patient assessment, and system-wide data integration, among other topics. Materials from our monthly webinar series are also available. The webinars and other educational materials represent the latest national and local information on available resources, innovations and best practices. More information can be found under our PAC Resources page.